You can be part of the mission to reduce the number of women who are misdiagnosed when they have heart problems.

How? By bringing “A Little Heart to Heart”  — a life changing Zoom live presentation — to your group or organization.

A Little Heart to Heart
~ a  life changing presentation ~

If your group brings in educational or inspirational speakers, I invite you to bring in “A Little Heart to Heart.”
Fear not - it’s not a health talk. It’s a short, dynamic,  interactive presentation  for  groups and organizations at no charge.

It’s a heart talk, not a health talk.

Would it surprise you to learn that many of the things that hold us back in life also contribute to the fact that early heart attack signs are missed in women?

Discover what they are and how you can live with your whole heart for a happier, more fully-expressed life.

Your group will learn information that will enhance your life and can potentially save the lives of women you care about.

The Live Presentation

The presentation is geared toward women and is about women, but it’s for anyone who has women over 40 in their lives who they care about. You’ll learn information that will enhance your life and potentially save the lives of women you care about.

Thanks to the power of Zoom, this  interactive presentation is available to groups from  10 to 100+ most anywhere in the world.

You bring the audience, we’ll bring the presentation. Find out how this important and lively presentation can zoom in to your group or association by setting up a call.

If you aren’t part of a group but want to attend, the public sign up is here:

About the Presenter

Adrienne White is a well-respected speaker, teacher of adults, and a life coach. The topic of women being under/misdiagnosed with heart issues is important to her.  Her own heart experience, plus having talked to hundreds of open heart surgery patients and their families, has given her a unique perspective.

Adrienne was shocked to learn that early heart attack symptoms are missed in 78% of Canadian women. “How is that even possible in 2020?!” reverberated in her head.  It drove her  to create a presentation that would do more than share heart attack symptoms (because no one wants a lecture-style doom n’ gloom talk). She has made it her mission to improve that statistic.

What has evolved is a presentation that explores a few key dynamics that hold women back in life, and as it turns out, they make a difference for heart problem diagnoses. This presentation isn’t just for women; it’s for anyone who has a woman over 40 in their life who they care about.

In Her Words…

“I can't change the fact that heart disease is the #1 killer of women, but but together we sure CAN impact the huge percentage of early heart attack symptoms that are missed (in women & some men).

So I'm doing that by doing what I do best -- talking, teaching, and listening.  It's important to me that this information is available live (so I can connect and answer questions), and available at no charge (to reduce barriers of participation).”

(Personal and company sponsorships are always welcomed.)

More about the Presentation

Whether your group is filled with women or people who care about them, this presentation shares some interesting ‘features’ of the female kind, and as is the case for many things in life, it can be true for men, too.

“A Little Heart to Heart” is about 40 minutes in length, but Adrienne likes to leave room for Q&A. Allow an hour for this presentation if it’s possible in your meeting format.


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Contact Us

Feel free to reach out by email if you’d like to get in touch.

Thanks for checking this out. Are you going to be part of the solution to improve the current reality of early heart attack signs being missed in 78% of women?
You have the power to make a difference.

© 2020 Adrienne White

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